Oracle Fusion HCM – Lookups

Oracle Fusion HCM – Lookups

Lookups are to the ampules for the list of the items that seem into the application.  The Users select one of the items from such as to the lists to arrive in to the value on to the submission of the UI.

Lookups consist of:

1. Lookup Type - A lookup type is the static list of the values users use to make the entries into the application. This is the name of the field that looks on the setup UI and not on to the application UI where you can ma the selection.

2. Lookup Code - An internal application code for every lookup that is not visible to the users.

3. Meaning - The actual UI term is associated with the lookup code. It is the item that appears in the list on the application UI against the specific field name and can be selected by the users to indicate their choice.

4. Tag - The description or to the label connected to that is of the lookup.

5. Enabled (status) - Determines to the obtainability of the meaning (the value or to the item) within the selection list for that lookup and to the type. If you do not allow it, the value does not appear in the selection list at of runtime.

There are three different classes of  the lookups:

1. Standard Lookups – It is the simplest form of the lookup types consisting of the lookup codes and to their meanings.

2. Common Lookups - These are the predefined lookups and they are available for the internal system administrative use and they are used by more than one of application.

3. Set- allowed for the Lookups - These lookups contain the lookup codes they are part of the reference data. You can use allows to permit the different values into the lookup for the different sets of the users. At runtime, and selected attribute determines which set-allows lookup will be a vision to the users. For an example, the attribute east-coast or the west-coast into the determinant 'location' determines whether it is the 'east-coast' or the 'west-coast' location, depending upon to the selected lookup.