Oracle Fusion HCM – Questionnaires

Oracle Fusion HCM – Questionnaires

Questionnaires are made in the Oracle Fusion to gather the information from and about the staff in the applications it is a plan up to the questionnaires. For an example, you can use the questionnaires to assemble to the participant feedback in the performance of evaluation (Employee to the Performance Questionnaire) or when the employee completes his and her probation of the period (Employee Probation and Questionnaire) or when a staff leaves to the organization (Exit Interview of Questionnaire).

Questionnaires let you to:

• Manage the Questions

• Made the Questionnaire of the Templates

• Generate the Questionnaire

 It Organize the question and to responses to the question

It configuration the questions and it responses to the question of to   the library and add to the questionnaire. You can create four types of the questions – Text, Single Choice, Numerous Choice and the No of the Response. For each of the question type, you will also configure the particular responses and select to the presentation of a method to they control how the response and they appear.

Let me explain how to make a folder into the question library and to make different types of questions in to this folder.

Create Folder in the Question of Library

1. In the Setup and Maintenance work area, search for the Manage Question Library task and click on ‘Go to Task’ Icon.

2. In the Folders section, select Question Library.

3. Click the Create icon to open the Create Folder dialog box.

4. In the Folder field, enter Performance Evaluation Questions.

5. Click OK.

6. In the Folders section Question Library field, select Performance Evaluation Questions.

Now that we have created the folder in Question Library, let’s create different types of questions and add it to this folder.