A configuration package is to the obligation to the export of the setup data. You can export to the configuration package once when you made it, or at any time in the future. While exporting the appropriate of setup the data is similar depending on the setup for the export meaning and it joins to the configuration and to the package. The setup data and the configuration package is the snapshot of the data in the source application instance at the time of export. Later the export completes, it downloads the formation of the package as it zipped the archive of the various  XML files, transfer it to the target of the application on the instance, and they upload it import towards it.


It can export to the configuration package by the various times by offering the various versions. While they export it and describes and remains of the same in each of version,  it configures the formation can be different if you changed the data in the time of the period between the different runs of the export and to the method. Since each of the version and the configuration of the package has the snapshot of the statistics into the source of the instance, it compares and then examines the various versions of the configuration package to understand how the setup of the statistics is changed.


The objective application is of the instance that setup significance the method will supplement to all the new information from the source of the configuration settings that do not already be and to update of any existing data with the changes form of the source. Setup to the data that it occurs in the target example but not in the source will it remain to the unchanged.

Export and the Import of Reports

You can review the results of the export and to the import method using to the information. You can change the reports to the validate the format data as well as to they compare or to examine it. A report is shaped for each of the business object. These reports show the same information as to the export and the import results seen directly into the application.