Oracle R12 Procurement-Working and its Usage

Oracle R12 Procurement-Working and its Usage

Oracle R12 Procurement is also known as Oracle iProcurement which is the self-service requisitioning application which controls the employee spending. This application provides a web-based shopping system that enables the employees to create, manage, and track their own orders while the purchasing department retains central management. Oracle R12 Procurement helps to make sure that policies and preferred pricing agreements are reflected in each and every transaction. Easy ordering and seamless workflow process offer better service, while non-sourced spending gets the attention which requires the needs from buying experts.

Integrating and Streamlining Your Procurement Processes involves it is a part of the Oracle Advanced Procurement suite which integrates seamlessly with other Oracle applications, including purchasing and services procurement that dramatically cut all supply management costs. Oracle Advanced Procurement reduces spending on goods and services, streamlines procure-to-pay processes, and drives policy compliance.

Oracle R12 Procurement is an web-based style of ordering items and services from any vendor. It provides a web-based method for requestors to create requisitions, research the status of requisitions, and book-in delivered orders into the system. It is the main component of Oracle Advanced Procurement, the integrated suite that dramatically cuts all supply management costs.

The Usage of R12 Procurement assists departments in obtaining a value for money through the identification of preferred contacts or by enabling price comparisons. It enables the users to broadcast the purchase order directly to the supplier without the need for printing. The Oracle R12 Procurement system is used by every Health Board and NHS trust in Wales and it is part of Oracle Applications, an integrated suite of E-Business Suite designed to work together to streamline the way finance and procurement distribute their services. It enables the internal corporate requesters to independently order products from local (internal) and remote (external) catalogs. It is the starting point for the ordering process and offers powerful self-service requisitioning capability with an intuitive and web shopping interface.

In an efficient and automated manner, Oracle R12 Procurement constitutes an important module of the procure-to-pay business flow, helps an enterprise process and maintains requisitions, and helps an enterprise process and manage receipt of the requested products or services.

As a part of Oracle Advanced Procurement, R12 Procurement delivers measurable savings, lowered maverick spend, greatly simplified process for purchasing items and services, requesters can quickly purchase the items they need with an easy to use interface that offers all the information they need to make purchases while directing them to preferred vendors and pricing, and for purchasing managers R12 Procurement offers powerful tools for managing catalogs in real time, stores and content zones.