Overview and Features of the Oracle Fusion HCM

Overview and Features of the Oracle Fusion HCM

Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management was developed with the user in mind. Many numbers of customers participated in a variety of designing, testing, and feedback sessions helping to build the most innovative HCM solution on the current market. Fusion HCM is not just a replacement for existing products it is a new way of performing the entire process of HCM that reflects the fundamental shifts end users are seeing in the workplace.

As a result, Oracle Fusion HCM is a User-Centric in which Oracle had designed Fusion HCM for the main user-roles in your organization managers, employees, and human resource. It is easier for people to do their work when their own preferences are reflected in the system.

Truly Global: Oracle Fusion HCM design is global, so it is global enterprise broad structures which support regulatory, legislative, and organizational requirements and deliver true multinational capabilities whether your firm is in one country or one hundred. 

Extensible: Oracle Fusion HCM lets you support diverse business practices within your firm using easy to do configurations instead of composite customizations that require IT resources. In Fusion HCM, configurations are upgraded secure, so you can always move to the latest upgrade. 

Information-Led: Oracle Fusion HCM initiates a shift from a transaction-oriented model to an information and process-oriented model. Each category of employee, manager, Human Resource, and the executive has access to information in a way that is appropriate for their roles. 

Collaborative: Embedded throughout Fusion HCM are tools build to facilitate collaboration. For example, Oracle Fusion Network at Work one of the completely new products in Oracle Fusion HCM enables the employees to network safely behind the firewall. 

Analytical: Fusion HCM analytics offer decision-support, actionable data, real-time insight, and predictive what-if analysis. The native business intelligence is embedded throughout is fundamentally unlike from anything offered by others.